I was approached by STV to remake the intro for the TV show 'SPORLØS', which has been running for 9 seasons on-and-off since 1999.
After a long break, they needed a new fresh look for their new season.
The season aired on Danish national TV in October 2022.
I was responsible for everything from the initial concept, overall design and production of the intro as well as other animated graphic elements.

Styleframes for the client

'SPORLØS' is a TV show about people, often adopted, who are searching for their missing relatives.
Often the person featured in the program is adopted from abroad.
And far away countries of birth, as well as travel, are an essential part of the TV show's DNA. Especially for this season, as the host and the person looking for their relatives, would travel to various countries together, in the search for their family. 
I therefore reduced the themes of the TV show to PEOPLE and TRAVEL, and went on experimenting with combining the two.
The result was to render the image of persons as topographic maps, converting facial features to shorelines and bodies to mountains and valleys.
Besides the intro, I also delivered animated shorts visualising the different journeys from one country to another, as well as a animated graphic template for showing archive material, such as family photos and documents.

An animated map showing the flight from Paris to Bogota

An animated template for photos and more


Design, animation, compositing

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